13 Enchantingly Cute Halloween Decorations We Found At Ross


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Finding cute Halloween decorations doesn’t have to be a scary task if you know where to look. In this little adventure, we’re going to Ross. Warning: spooky and cute Halloween decorations items ahead.

For those that don’t know, Ross is a discount store where every visit is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you’re going to find next, and honestly it’s exciting. High five, Ross. Here’s a look at what we found in the seasonal section of our local store.

Tuxedo Skeleton Greeter

When walking into the seasonal section of Ross, nearly anything is possible. And then you meet this guy. A proper skeleton in a tuxedo, top hat, and bowtie waiting to greet you. Works every time.

Witch Way To The Wine? Kitchen Towels

Then around the corner was the selection of kitchen towels. This set of 2 stood out the most. Wine not?

“Nightmare Before” Themed Decoration

I found this distressed Halloween decoration/paperweight smiling at me nearby. Nightmare before Christmas fans will likely approve.

Day Of The Dead Salt & Pepper Shakers

But then I began to see some of the best Day of the Dead accessories I didn’t realize I needed. Like this colorful matching salt and pepper shaker set.

Day Of The Dead Cat Skeleton Carpet Runner

Or perhaps what I really needed was this Day of the Dead cat skeleton carpet runner. Yep, that’s exactly what I need.

Day Of The Dead Fabric Skull Placemats

Then I saw the placemats. More Day of the Dead designs in wonderful colors. These fabric placemats come in a set of 2. Check!

Day Of The Dead Spill-Friendly Placemats

These spill-friendly Day of the Dead placemats came in a 4-pack. I should probably just go ahead and get them all.

Where My Witches At Throw Pillow

Oh, but then I came across the pillows. This soft one had some Halloween sass. Does purple look good on my couch?

The Black Hat Sisterhood Decorative Halloween Sign

This fun sign of “The Black Hat Sisterhood” continued the witches theme.

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ Day Of The Dead Couple Throw Pillow

This pillow featuring a Day of the Dead couple was beautifully embroidered reading, “till death do us part.”

‘Fang-Tastic’ Pets and Pumpkins Soft Throw Blanket

What’s Halloween season without a soft blanket to curl up in? This “fang-tactic” throw blanket featuring pets popping out of pumpkins should do the trick.

Day Of The Dead Kitchen Towels

Coming back around the section I found these colorful Day of the Dead kitchen towels in a 2 pack. 10/10.

Halloween Themed Pet Harness

Not to be left out, this arrangement of Halloween-themed dog harnesses was waiting nearby.

BONUS: Day Of The Dead Figurine

Just as I was leaving, I found this little Day of the Dead figurine of a couple in mid-song. Sold. More please!

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