It’s Official: We Started A Newsletter


The world is a crowded place, and social media has become just as crowded over the years. For us, the question became this: how can we share the important stuff with people who want to see it the most? The solution, and it’s one that has been requested for a while – is finally here: The 229 Life Newsletter. This email newsletter delivers the best of South Georgia right to your inbox, for free.

What’s inside?

We wanted to deliver something that would be meaningful to our South Georgia community and include items that are actually helpful. So each newsletter includes the scoop on events near you, thoughtful articles on South Georgia life, and news updates so you can stay in the know.

There is a lot planned for 229 Life this year. And as we continue to grow, we want to make sure you, our readers, have the best access to everything we are working on.

In addition, newsletter subscribers get first in line access to limited offers and other special access events. The 229 Life Newsletter keeps you connected and in the loop.

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Reaching the most people

We see the 229 Life Newsletter as an added benefit and a solution to the problem listed above. It’s true that people are being more conscious than ever on what social media platforms to be part of, which is great. That’s another reason why this newsletter is the right fit at the right time. It empowers people to check out current updates across South Georgia on their own terms. And to us, that’s a win-win.

Share your input

Is there something you would like to see added to the 229 Life Newsletter? We want to hear your thoughts! Drop us a line at or message us on Twitter.

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Christian is the founder of 229 Life, a community hub for South Georgia. He likes exploring, eating new foods, and beach vacations. Say hello on Twitter at @tellmckinney.


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