We Live Here: Inside Albany’s Coffee Scene


The number of coffee shops in Albany is growing, so it makes understanding the coffee options that much more important. Let’s take a look inside Albany’s coffee scene.

The Morning Cafe

The Morning Cafe in Albany, GA.

Albany’s newest coffee destination on this list is The Morning Cafe. Opened to the public in summer 2023, the location is in the left corner of the shopping center on the north end of Nottingham Way, next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The locally owned coffee shop offers espresso, drip coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of sweets. Thanks to its location on the left corner of the shopping center, The Morning Cafe also has drive thru service.

Once inside, guests will find a calm and inviting atmosphere, with plenty of space and comfy seating.

Elements Coffee (Ledo Rd)

Elements Coffee Co. in Albany, GA.

On the edge of the Dougherty County line on Ledo Road in North Albany, Elements Coffee is a cornerstone of Albany’s coffee scene.

The coffee shop has an open atmosphere with lots of seating, and has an ambience that’s a bit more quiet than the others. The location offers a variety of coffee, food, and draft beer for guests.

Starbucks (Dawson Rd)

Starbucks Coffee in Albany, GA.

In Northwest Albany, the full-service Starbucks is a key part of the city’s coffee scene, even if part of a global chain. This location features a drive thru, mobile ordering, ample indoor seating, as well as outdoor seating.

As one of the newer members of Albany’s coffee scene, this Starbucks location was the first Starbucks with a drive thru in a 90 mile radius when it opened.

There are two other Starbucks locations in Albany, operated by a third party. These locations are at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital’s Main Campus and inside Phoebe Meredyth on Meredyth Drive.

These two locations are not full service entities but make the majority of the same drinks and accept Starbucks Cards.

Dunkin’ Donuts (Dawson Road)

Dunkin’ Donuts in Albany, GA.

Just down Dawson Road from Starbucks in Northwest Albany is the full-service Dunkin’ Donuts. The location is inside of a former bank. But the roomy square footage and built-in drive thru design of the property make it a perfect fit.

The shop delivers everything you expect from a Dunkin’ Donuts chain: hot food and donuts all day, coffee and espresso items, and mobile ordering and payments.

There is one other Dunkin’ Donuts shop in Albany located near Downtown on W. Oglethorpe Blvd. This location is connected to a Homerun Foods gas station and convenience store, but has a drive thru and ample seating inside and outside of the shop.

Bob White Coffee Company (Meredyth Dr)

Bob White Coffee Company in Albany, GA.

In an old Piggly Wiggly parking lot on the corner of Westover Blvd and Meredyth Drive stands Bob White Coffee Co. It’s in a corner of the lot close to the intersection. Anyone familiar with Albany for the last few years may recognize this as the old Elliano’s Coffee shop.

This small, double-sided drive thru coffee shop serves up a variety of food, coffee, and espresso items right to the window of your car.

Temp Coffee And Brew (US 19)

Temp Coffee on US 19 in Leesburg, GA

This place isn’t technically within the Albany city limits, but there are two locations and it’s close enough to make this list. On U.S. 19 in Lee County, a major artery into Albany, Temp Coffee and Brew serves espresso, coffee, and small bites. Let’s dig in.

The coffee shop is connected to a convenience store but has dedicated baristas that work there each day. In addition to hot and cold coffees, nitro cold brews and espresso, Temp also serves hot and iced tea, boba tea, and draft beer. The shop offers charcuterie boards to order from the menu during select hours as well.

Its second location offers a similar experience for residents in the West Albany area, located at 1900 Weymouth Drive in Albany.

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Cornerstone Coffee + Co.

Cornerstone Coffee Co. in downtown Albany, GA

Albany’s only downtown location on this list is Cornerstone Coffee Co. Opened to the public in fall 2021, the location resides on the corner of Pine Avenue and Front Street, right across from the Flint Riverquarium.

The locally owned coffee shop offers espresso, drip coffee, and small bites. The location is also unique in that it is a “cashless” business, meaning that it only accepts payment via debit and credit cards and digital wallets.

The inside of the shop is bright and inviting, with lots of room for indoor and outdoor seating.

Is there a place we missed that you think should be here? Let us know! Send a message to [email protected] and tell us.

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