Coronavirus Cases Per Capita In Albany, Georgia vs. The Rest Of The World


Coronavirus cases per 1,000 in Albany, Georgia

The density of coronavirus cases in metropolitan areas is becoming more clear as new data arrives from around the world. 229 Life focuses on South Georgia, and the COVID-19 cases per 1,000 in Albany are a new rising data point.

Let’s take a look at the numbers

Albany, Georgia was fourth on a recent New York Times list of metro areas with confirmed cases per 1,000 people. Four days later, the numbers everywhere increased and so did the rankings. Here are the numbers as of 11pm Eastern Time on March 31, 2020 (with the exception of data from China, which for this article is as of March 27, 2020).

Albany, Georgia’s confirmed coronavirus cases per 1,000 has reached a new high in the United States.

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Per 1,000 People

City of Wuhan, China11.1 million50,8214.59
Lombardy region, Italy10 million43,2084.32
Albany, Georgia153,0006284.1
New York City20 million43,1392.16
New Orleans, Louisiana1.3 million1,8341.41
Seattle, Washington3.9 million3,2290.82

As of March 31, 2020; included top metro areas for reference and comparison.

Let’s go past the numbers

These are numbers from metropolitan areas, instead of cities or counties. It’s a slice of the data that can provide insight for actual communities of people, instead of square miles and state lines.

The Albany, Georgia metropolitan area includes nearby cities and towns in Dougherty, Terrell, Lee, Worth, and Baker Counties.

Our table isn’t unique, but provides a fresh look at what South Georgia communities and healthcare systems are dealing with compared to the rest of the nation. This is important to note as larger areas generally have greater healthcare resources.

One thing our table doesn’t show is separation between the total confirmed cases and active ones. As of March 31, 2020, Georgia had 4,117 confirmed cases of coronavirus and recorded 125 deaths due to the disease.

The data in this article is based on information from local and state agencies in the United States as well as the Italy Ministry of Health and The New York Times in their reporting of coronavirus cases in Wuhan, China. You can explore the raw data from agencies and original reporting from The New York Times in the links below. 229 Life is not affiliated with any local or state agency and is not affiliated with The New York Times.

Data Sources

News Sources

Georgia map courtesy of the Georgia Department of Health.

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