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Trying a 4-Course Dinner at The Palace Restaurant in Sylvester, GA

Take a closer look inside the Palace Restaurant in Sylvester, GA - a boutique restaurant offering an elevated dining experience and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Crumbl Cookies Joins Albany Shops Open Til Midnight or Later

Crumble Cookies in Albany joins a growing list of businesses that are choosing to stay open late into the night. Learn about their choice and what others are doing.

Introducing 229 Life Places: The South Georgia Directory Amplifying Small Businesses

Introducing 229 Life Places, a South Georgia directory focused on amplifying small businesses. Learn more about this new part of 229 Life.

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5 Anticipated New Albany Area Business Openings In 2024

New business plans in the Albany area were abundant in 2023. Here are five anticipated new business openings set for 2024.

Villa Gargano Owner: ‘We’re Back’ – Iconic Albany Restaurant Open Again

The pizza ovens are fired back up at Albany Italian restaurant Villa Gargano, and for a good reason: they are open again.

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There’s a Murder-Mystery Show in Americus Serving Dinner and Drinks

There’s a murder-mystery show in Americus that promises to entertain while you eat. Learn more about this annual production.

August Events You Should Know About In South Georgia

August is here, and there are lots of things happening across South Georgia that you need to know about. Take a look.