We Found A Prison Bus For Sale + More Interesting Finds On Facebook Marketplace


While there is no shortage of interesting things on the internet, locally-sourced goods and services keeps a strong appeal. That’s where – for these out of the ordinary items – the two worlds collide. Let’s take a closer look at these interesting finds on Facebook Marketplace.

A Real Prison Bus

For those who know, you can find a lot of off-the-wall things on Facebook Marketplace. But a prison bus for sale is definitely up there. Here is what the listing says:

  • Listing: 1975 Chevrolet Bus
  • Location: Pitts, GA
  • Price: $700

Seller’s Description: “Old bus been sitting need to get rid of it needs to be towed I can negotiate with price only if your serious about buying”

Photo from Facebook

The listing also says the bus has an automatic transmission, the exterior color is white, and the interior color is blue.

An old prison bus found for sale on Facebook Marketplace
Photo from Facebook

A whole chicken farm, minus the chickens

This is one of the largest things for sale I have ever found on Facebook, and the offer is no joke. Here’s what the listing says:

  • Listing: 9 Beds 3 Baths – House
  • Location: Rochelle, GA
  • Price: $3,000,000

Seller’s Description: “Awesome business opportunity to own two cash generating egg farms.

Photo from Facebook

Located in Rochelle Georgia. The property included 86.82 acres, three mobile homes, two farms, a large wired storage building, a small stable, six chicken houses, 4 wells, and additional land to expand and grow. Each farm include three chicken houses for a total of six houses measuring 50 x 440 per house each includes two generators, two wells. 

Photo from Facebook

Presently contracted with Tyson; contract is assumable. This can be a great opportunity because it does not take many people to run the farm. The owner has created a very good relationship with the company and is looking for someone to take over. Financial statements are available via email.”

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

An entire high school gym

Another large offering that can’t be shipped is this large former school building. Here’s what the listing says:

  • Listing: 0 Beds 0 Bath – House
  • Location: Coolidge, GA
  • Price: $350,000

Seller’s Description: “RARE FIND – 1082 North Mamie Street Coolidge, GA. 11,000 sf building / Fenced 5 acres. 2 red iron pole barns with metal roof (1) 40x 125 and (1) 50×125.

Photo from Facebook

Front portion of the building is 2 floors with 3 sets of stairs. Tile bottom floor. Middle is concrete floor with 16ft roll up back door. Rear of the building was add on to by church to be youth room (never finished).

Photo from Facebook

History: this is what remains of the Coolidge High School, “The gymnasium“ It was purchased and used as a church property, sold to be used for storage, commercial truck parking and equipment storage. Sold and was being converted in to housing for Off-Farm Labor Housing (Still approved under special stipulations) Currently used as storage.”

Birch and Pine Real Estate Group Inc.
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Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

This antique gas pump

This unique item is more portable and more afforable for the right buyer. Here’s what the listing says:

  • Listing: Antique Wayne 605 Gas Pump – Vintage Patina Weathered Look Mancave Decor
  • Location: Moultrie, GA
  • Price: $1,000

Seller’s Description: “Step back in time with this Antique Wayne 605 Gas Pump. A true relic from the past, this gas pump is a testament to the golden age of automotive history.

Photo from Facebook

This pump is adorned with a rich patina that only time can create, giving it an authentic, weathered look that is sure to catch the eye of any vintage enthusiast. The rust and wear add to its charm, telling a story of a bygone era.

Photo from Facebook

While it no longer functions as a gas pump, it stands as a unique piece of decor that can add a touch of vintage flair to any setting. It could be a standout piece in a man cave, a unique addition to a vintage collection, or even a conversation starter in a retro-inspired business establishment.

Photo from Facebook

Please note that due to its age and weathered condition, this pump is being sold as-is. It’s a restoration project waiting for the right person to bring it back to its former glory or to be appreciated in its current rustic state.”

Where to find these items

All items were listed and available at the time of posting in the Facebook Group: Albany\Leesburg\Sylvester Swap and Shop (Really Minus ALL the Rules!). This group with over 61K members is listed as a private group but does accept new members.

You can visit the group page HERE.

What do you think about these unique items for sale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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